September 30th, 2016

Bromsgrove woman’s appeal to find missing kestrel

Bromsgrove woman’s appeal to find missing kestrel Bromsgrove woman’s appeal to find missing kestrel
Updated: 10:47 am, May 07, 2015

THE OWNER of a Eurasian kestrel which went missing from Marlbrook on Monday evening (June 2) has asked for Standard readers’ help in tracking down the bird.

Wendy Williams had Willow from when she was just three weeks old and had trained her to be quite domesticated, certainly by bird of prey standards.

The 14-month-old would frequently fly around Wendy’s house, sit next to her while she was at the computer or sit on the clock.

She also got along well with the family cat and two dogs and was so tame and gentle that Wendy did not even need a falconry glove when she flew her.

Willow had been given some intensive training but that had lapsed when Wendy had to go into hospital for an emergency operation.

On Monday, when Willow disappeared, she was tethered to a 50ft rope in Wendy’s garden, which is near the Hilton Hotel, off the Birmingham Road.

Wendy had been gardening and popped into the house to get something. When she returned, Willow had gone.

She said the disappearance was strange as the rope, which had been tied in a triple knot, had no visible damage to it.

“She’s either a good escapologist or someone has taken her.

“Kestrels are quite territorial so they don’t stray more than ten metres from where they live,” she added.

Wendy said she was concerned that because of the way Willow had been brought up and because she was so tame, she might not be alert to the dangers and could be attacked by cats, dogs or another bigger bird.

She also said there was a chance she had followed another kestrel or been stolen.

“I always wanted a kestrel and Willow was very imprinted on me.

“I’ve hardly slept since she has been missing – I just want to know what has happened to her,” she added.

Anyone with any information on Willow’s whereabouts can call Wendy on 07472 108885.