September 27th, 2016

Bromsgrove town centre trees to be cut down to size

Updated: 10:49 am, May 07, 2015

ALMOST 30 lime trees in Bromsgrove town centre have had 50 per cent of their height chopped off.

The trees, around the green on the north side of Market Street and on the opposite side of the road at Crown Close, were given the trim to reduce their weight and to ensure they continue to grow properly.

On behalf of the council, Wolverhampton Tree Surgeons’ works started on January 12 and are expected to be finished soon.

After a consultation with residents the decision to prune the trees was approved by Bromsgrove District Council’s Planning Committee on January 5.

Similar works were carried out on the trees about 40-years-ago and since then they have recovered well but have become very tall, increasing the risk of large limbs splitting away.

Problems are also being caused because many of the lower branches are being shaded causing them to die off and create a build-up of dead wood which can fall during strong winds and pose a hazard to residents using the green and nearby properties.

Some of the branches are also rubbing against and wounding the other trees, possibly affecting their long-term survival.

The works are being carried out during the trees’ dormant period which helps to minimise the stress upon them and promote the formation of healthy regrowth in spring and summer.

Call the council’s tree service on 01527 881188 for more.