September 28th, 2016

Bromsgrove students help launch Olympic campaign

Bromsgrove students help launch Olympic campaign Bromsgrove students help launch Olympic campaign
Updated: 1:37 pm, May 20, 2016

BROMSGROVE students have taken part in a special event to launch an Olympic campaign to break down barriers in the way of youngsters with learning disabilities.

South Bromsgrove High School and Chadsgrove School attended the Youth Summit at Edgbaston on Thursday (May 12) to kick off Play Unified, a project in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust which aims to use sport to change perceptions and attitudes towards people with learning difficulties.

The summit encouraged young people to promote change and include those with disabilities in games and sport to give them more opportunities.

The project works on the principal of getting youngsters playing in a unified way to promote understanding and acceptance.

Karen Wallin, CEO of Special Olympics GB said: “Play Unified is a global Special Olympics campaign aimed at breaking down the barriers and misconceptions towards people with intellectual disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities say they want to be included as equals in society.

“The Unified Generation will lead our movement and will do so by simply playing unified.”

Ali Oliver, chief executive of the Youth Sport Trust, said: “The summits provide a unique opportunity to inspire and empower young people with and without disabilities to become leaders in their schools, creating positive change and developing more opportunities for young people to take part in sport.

“We will use the power of sport to provide a platform for young people to understand and value their peers with intellectual disabilities, build their confidence and give them the opportunity make new friends. Ultimately we want to create a unified generation.”

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