September 24th, 2016

Bromsgrove residents urged to ‘Tell Sajid’ at UK’s first ever Teleforum

Bromsgrove residents urged to ‘Tell Sajid’ at UK’s first ever Teleforum Bromsgrove residents urged to ‘Tell Sajid’ at UK’s first ever Teleforum
Updated: 11:06 am, May 07, 2015

BROMSGROVE MP Sajid Javid has issued a rallying call to residents to put the town on the map by making a success of the Teleforum which he is piloting in the town on Wednesday (November 26).

The system has been successfully used by congressmen in America and Mr Javid said he feels there is no reason why it cannot become as effective and popular on this side of the Atlantic.

He has likened it to a radio phone-in. All residents have to do is visit and leave a contact number.

Then on Wednesday, just before 7pm when the conference call is due to start, those who have given their number will receive a call. They can then choose to listen to the dialogue or take part by asking questions.

Those wanting to ask Sajid a question will just have to push a button and an operator will take down what they want to quiz him on.

When each discussion has finished, the operator will inform the person selected to ask the next question they are talking to Sajid.

They can then quiz him in a two-way conversation while everyone else is listening in.

After that conversation, the operator will contact another person and they will have a one-to-one with the Bromsgrove MP while everyone else listens.

If successful, MrJavid will hold more of the teleforums and other MPs will be able to follow the Bromsgrove MP’s lead.

Although Mr Javid is also the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, the forum is only open to his constituents.

But, he said, in order for the system to work, people need to embrace the concept and be part of it.

“I already hold my surgeries and respond to people on the phone and via email, but this will give me another chance to converse with my constituents.

“It’s exciting that Bromsgrove is the first town to be trying out this technology that we have at our disposal.”

After the event, he will ask people what they thought of it to see if it is worth doing again. And if it is, more will be planned and then other MPs may want to also hold the forums.

“If it works well, people will be saying ‘it was Bromsgrove which led the way.” he added.

To take part in Tell Sajid, visit to register free.