October 1st, 2016

Bromsgrove Police praised for moving travellers on so swiftly

Bromsgrove Police praised for moving travellers on so swiftly Bromsgrove Police praised for moving travellers on so swiftly
Updated: 11:16 am, May 07, 2015

TRAVELLERS who arrived in Bromsgrove were moved on in a matter of hours, thanks to quick action and negotiation by the police.

The group arrived in Stoke Heath on Monday (October 6) and set up camp on the field by the Avoncroft Arts Centre.

But, because of where they were – on land used by the youth club – Supt Kevin Purcell spoke to them and told them it was not appropriate for them to be on that area as it was used by young people.

They agreed to move on and a Section 61 was issued to them to ensure they did. They left that evening by 9pm.

A Section 61 order, which does not require involvement from the courts, can only be used by the police in special circumstances.

Supt Purcell told The Standard: “We went up and discussed with the travellers the inconvenience they were causing.

“They agreed to move on and a section 61 was issued just to make sure.

“West Mercia Police constantly review the way we deal with travellers.”

One man, in a letter to The Standard this week, praised Bromsgrove Police for their actions.

“As one of a number of self-employed workers at the centre I would especially like to thank police Supt Kevin Purcell and his officers for their support throughout the day and evening.

“The police are often the first to be blamed for lack of action and unlikely to get thanked, so again our thanks to all those involved in the safe, swift removal of our unwanted visitors.”

To read the full letter, check out this week’s Standard or read it in the E.Edition at www.bromsgrovestandard.co.uk/paper

In the last few weeks, Supt Purcell has been in discussions with Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid.

“He was interested in finding out more about the traveller incursions around Bromsgrove and what could collectively be done to lessen the impact of them.” added Supt Purcell.

Mr Javid said: “Travellers have been a big problem in Bromsgrove and this was just one of the latest cases.

“I have been speaking to the police all summer.

“The police said they would certainly look at what other police forces were doing around the country to make sure they were covering every avenue.”

He added he thought the whole issue needed to be looked at again to see if the Government could do anything about this problem.

“I have already been in contact with Brandon Lewis, the Minister of State for Housing and Planning at the Department, and I will be taking a group of residents to see him with me shortly.” he said.