September 27th, 2016

Bromsgrove man pleads guilty to smashing window at Greyhound pub

Bromsgrove man pleads guilty to smashing window at Greyhound pub Bromsgrove man pleads guilty to smashing window at Greyhound pub
Updated: 9:39 pm, May 23, 2015

A BROMSGROVE man has been handed a 12-month community order and has been ordered to pay £235 for two counts of criminal damage.

Robert Anthony Leeds, of Enfield Close, appeared before Redditch Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (May 19) and pleaded guilty to the incidents which took place on April 14.

The court heard the 23-year-old was out on a night out in Bromsgrove and went to the Greyhound pub, in Rock Hill, with two women.

Prosecuting Angla Hallan said a member of staff, Mr Walker, who had been involved in a previous incident with Leeds recognised him straight away.

She added Mr Walker had said they all seemed very drunk and were shouting and messing about so they were only served one drink.

The court heard Leeds then went outside with the two women which is when Mr Walker heard a smash.

Miss Hallan said when Mr Walker went outside he saw Leeds standing with a broom in his hand and a single pane in one of the windows was broken. His friends were nowhere to be seen.

She added Leeds and his friends were later spotted walking down Foxhall Lane.

Miss Hallan said later on, about 4am, Leeds was caught by the owner of a Fiat 500 damaging a wing mirror.

The owner was leaving the Love to Love night club when she spotted Leeds smashing the mirror, causing damage totalling £50. CCTV also caught him swinging his arms and knocking the mirror off.

The court heard when Leeds was interviewed by the police he said he had been with his friends at the pub early on in evening but claimed his friends had got into an argument and he had been trying to calm them down but was quite drunk himself.

Leeds said he was trying to get their attention when he picked up the broom and ended up smashing the window.

Miss Hallan said during the interview Leeds claimed while he was in Love to Love he saw his former partner dancing with another man so he had gone outside to calm down because he was angry.

But instead he got more worked up and was swinging his arms around when he hit the car’s mirror.

Miss Hallan added Leeds has apologised because he knew he was in the wrong and said he was willing to pay for the damages.

Chairman of the bench John Taylor placed a curfew on him from 10pm until 7am for 12 weeks.

He was also ordered to pay £85 costs, £150 in court charges and a £60 victim surcharge along with compensation – £30 for the window and £50 for the mirror.