September 27th, 2016

Bromsgrove Lions donate treats to schools and organisations

Updated: 10:38 pm, May 20, 2015

FOUR organisations and schools benefited from £700 between them after taking part in a scheme organised by The Bromsgrove Lions.

The project saw each of the groups given a 46ins super hero chocolate bunny to use in the run up for Easter as a fund-raiser.

They were made by Chocolate Deli, which is based in Worcester and at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Hanbury.

After the scheme, The Life After Stroke Centre received £111, The Princess of Wales Community Hospital League of Friends £100 and £107 went to the Basement Project.

Of the schools, Catshill Middle received £165 and Aston Fields Middle was handed for £182.80 for its School Peer Mentors programme which the Lions has assisted before.

Interestingly, each group used the super hero bunnies in a different way to collect the cash – ranging from guessing the rabbit’s name or birthday to a straightforward raffle.

Lion Keith Godwin said: “In all cases, the chocolate bunnies raised a lot of interest and brought in much welcomed cash for their adoptive organisations.

“Since being found permanent homes, however, the chocolate Super Heroes are believed to have slowly disappeared.”

An evening reception was held by Bromsgrove Lions Club at The Hilton Hotel, when funds raised were donated to each of the local causes.

Lion President Bob Wilkes praised the groups on their fund-raising and told them he hoped that Bromsgrove Lions Club would be able to maintain links with them and work together again for the benefit of the local community.

He also thanked Chocolate Deli for their involvement and congratulated them on the skill shown through the chocolate masterpieces.