September 29th, 2016

Bromsgrove Lib Dem candidate out and about

Bromsgrove Lib Dem candidate out and about Bromsgrove Lib Dem candidate out and about
Updated: 11:05 am, May 07, 2015

BROMSGROVE’S Liberal Democrat candidate Bart Ricketts has been out and about outlining his policies to residents.

One of the places he has been to is the North Worcestershire Basement Project to see the work that is done there, especially with regard to the foodbank.

He said he was concerned about the potential number of cuts that could be made by the next Government, depending on which party or parties were elected, and the impact they would have on residents.

“They shouldn’t really be the need for foodbanks and the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have to take responsibility for that, especially if we are in coalition again in a few weeks time.”

Other plans Mr Ricketts has been outlining is how he would support assets, such as the Alexandra Hospital and Artrix, and work to create a new business / retail zone in the town centre.

“For Bromsgrove I want to use my experience as a London Borough Councillor to bring in innovations not yet tried here.”

He said he would also campaign to get a proper ring road built to the west of the town and suggest ways to ease traffic congestion, using sensible traffic management.

And he added, he would also hope to champion better local services, which would be provided by a mix of public, social enterprise and private companies.