September 27th, 2016

Bromsgrove ‘iron man’ golfer defies the odds and battles back from brain injury

Bromsgrove ‘iron man’ golfer defies the odds and battles back from brain injury Bromsgrove ‘iron man’ golfer defies the odds and battles back from brain injury
Updated: 10:01 am, Oct 11, 2015

HE WAS on a life-support machine with brain injuries, but now Bromsgrove man Leo Tarrant is fighting fit, and has raised £1,800 for Headway – the charity that helped him with his miraculous recovery.

When doctors told Leo he had little chance of survival, he defied the odds, earning the title ‘Iron Man’ from those around him.

It is a story of strength and determination to inspire millions suffering the brunt of brain injury.

The Professional Golf Association (PGA) Director of Instruction felt compelled to give something back to Headway and the PGA for supporting him throughout his recovery by raising funds at a golfing event organised in partnership with the Ravensmeadow Golf Centre.

Eighty-two people took part in the charity event to raise funds.

Leo said: “The charitable donations from the others that couldn’t play amounted to another 40 players which was pretty touching and really helped make the total what it was.”

“The PGA and Headway will always have a fond place in my heart.

“The advice, guidance and help they give are so important in the success of someone’s recovery.

“I wanted to raise awareness and funds so they can continue to help many more in the way they supported me.”

Leo had a fall outside his house and was sent into a coma for eight months. On waking from the experience, he was told by doctors that the severity of his head injuries would leave him dead or severely disabled.

Following major operations, Headway helped the golf pro to recuperate. He was also helped by the PGA’s Benevolent Fund, which supported him with a major grant during the 16 months that he spent recovering out of work.

He said: “During my recovery I learnt a lot about how important your friends, family and the support of these charities is to your happiness.

“This becomes more important when times are tough so I want to do all I can so they shine brighter than ever when people need their help.”

In a Twitter message, Leo said: “The efforts on Sunday will never get close to the help your fantastic charity gave me, the support will continue.”

Fund-raising manager Julia Protesaru said: “Leo’s story of recovery is an inspiration to all of us out there with or without a brain injury due to the effort involved against all odds.

“We are forever grateful to him for dedicating so much of his time to help us and The PGA and spread awareness about brain injuries.

“It is important for people to understand what it is and that it can affect anybody at any stage in their life and that we are here for them.”

Leo added: “I was overwhelmed with the support from the people of Worcester.

“The amount we achieved and the great time had by all leaves me excited for the success of next year’s event too.”

Headway plans to raise £25,000 to mark its 25th anniversary. To get involved, contact Julia on 01905 729 729 or email: