September 27th, 2016

Bromsgrove healer launches new form of therapy

Bromsgrove healer launches new form of therapy Bromsgrove healer launches new form of therapy
Holistic Healer, Janet O’Carroll, has set up a training programme for her new therapy. Photo by Marcus Mingins
Updated: 3:39 pm, Mar 04, 2016

A BROMSGROVE holistic healer is giving aspiring practitioners the chance to learn her new form of therapy.

Janet O’Carroll, a Reiki master and psychic medium, has spent the last three years researching and testing her Progressive Alpha Therapy (PAT) which she said helps to heal the person physically, psychologically and emotionally. The training programme starts on April 16 and combines Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and more to balance energy, cleanse and infuse the mind body and spirit to increase health and positivity.

The therapy has already had a great response with some clients reporting masses miraculously disappearing and other finding everyday life easier to cope with after bereavements or personal traumas.

One of Janet’s clients Hayley Yendell said: “I lost my mother eight years ago and was in a very dark place.

“I felt so guilty that she had gone and I was still here.

“I felt like I should be with her.

“The treatment helped me so much she is fantastic. It just made me look at things in such a more positive way.”

Maureen Lines went to Janet to help with her phobia of cancer.

She said: “It was everywhere I looked.

“It helped me so much and I just cannot say enough how wonderful she is.”

Janet said: “I don’t perform miracles and I am a sceptical person myself, but this really works.

“I just want to help and heal people and I think this is my path.

“This is really strong stuff. It is head and shoulders above the Reiki.”

Janet has also written two books and taken part in signings in Hollywood in America.

Those wishing to become practitioners can find out more by visit or emailing