September 30th, 2016

Bromsgrove group launched to welcome Syrian refugees

Bromsgrove group launched to welcome Syrian refugees Bromsgrove group launched to welcome Syrian refugees
Updated: 12:17 pm, Oct 09, 2015

A RALLYING call has been made by the newly-formed Bromsgrove Welcomes Refugees group, which is urging the local community to donate supplies and contribute to the physical and emotional welfare of the potential new arrivals.

The group, formed last Wednesday (September 30) greeted Bromsgrove District and Worcester County Councils’ decision to welcome refugees under the Vulnerable Person Relocation Scheme (VPRS).

The group aims to encourage community support across the district and the two authorities will provide housing, education, health, welfare and support to a small number of refugees, using funds from Central Government.

The group stipulates extra support will be required from residents and has requested donations, including furniture, clothing, toiletries, and other esential supplies. There is also a desperate need for drivers, skilled labourers and for English teachers and translators.

As well as practical support, the group has emphasised that compassion and friendship from the Bromsgrove community will be fundamental to helping refugees who have suffered the trauma of losing their homes and families.

The group has been set up under the chairmanship of Yvonne Rendell.

Parish coun, Janet King said: “Our group is open to all, to people of all faiths and political persuasions.

“We call on all Bromsgrove citizens to join us in this work.”

Janet explained why got involved with the project. She said: “I just got tired of crying when I watched thousands of refugees walk across Europe and I felt it was time to do something. They don’t necessarily want to be here, but they do need our help.”

The Bromsgrove Welcomes Refugee group is currently developing a mailing list to update and inform all interested particpants.

Janet said: “All kinds of help will be needed so we will make a note of anything specific that members of the community can offer.

“We also plan to open a bank account so donations can be made to supplement the welfare needs and fund the work the group will carry out.”

Members of the group converged following the council’s calls for help from other organisations.

The Bromsgrove Welcomes Refugees Group’s next meeting takes place at 8pm October 28 at the Community Centre, St Peter’s Church, Rock Hill.

The project needs as much community support as possible and the group encourages everyone to get involved.

E-mail: and/or visit: for more information.