September 29th, 2016

Bromsgrove in the grip of kitten crisis

Bromsgrove in the grip of kitten crisis Bromsgrove in the grip of kitten crisis
Updated: 3:49 pm, Jun 13, 2016

BROMSGROVE is in the grip of a kitten crisis according the Blue Cross re-homing centre which has been overwhelmed with unwanted cats.

The centre has seen a 50 per cent increase in the last year in the amount of unwanted kittens in the town and staff are now pleading with cat owners to get their pets neutered.

This comes after a small litter were brought to Bromsgrove from the charity’s Grimsby Hospital after they were found alone in a garden.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore were left after their mum disappeared and did not return.

The homeowner took them in for treatment where they have since had to be hand fed by the nurses.

Nicola Halfpenny, animal welfare assistant at Bromsgrove Blue Cross, said: “Pregnant cats and kittens seem to be arriving non-stop at the moment.

“We are constantly caring for one or two pregnant cats and several litters of kittens at a time.

“Getting your cat neutered will not only prevent the birth of unwanted litters, it also has health benefits for the cats. Many of the pregnant cats we take in are not much more than kittens themselves and having kittens can be really stressful – and potentially dangerous – for them.”