September 29th, 2016

Bromsgrove gold-medalist on quest to raise funds for life-saving treatment

Bromsgrove gold-medalist on quest to raise funds for life-saving treatment Bromsgrove gold-medalist on quest to raise funds for life-saving treatment
Updated: 12:44 pm, Sep 21, 2016

A BROMSGROVE para-agility gold medalist with a rare form of cancer has told the Standard she is on a quest to raise £150,000 to get life-saving immunotherapy in Germany.

Yvonne Goode, 53, who was diagnosed with and then beat breast cancer in 2013, said she was told by doctors the radiothereapy she received had induced Accute Myeloid Lukemia.

She said there is no treatment for the condition available on the NHS and even tried to get on to various clinical trials but without success.

“I started emailing big centres asking if there are any immunotherapy trials I can jump onto, but they’re either not as advanced or not in a position to offer it for the type of cancer I’ve got.”

After extensive research, Yvonne discovered the Hallwang Clinic in Dornstetten, Germany where she said many British people are getting treatment ‘because they had run out of options in the UK.”

Thanks to friends and family, Yvonne has raised £30,000 since July (23) 2016 – the date she recieved a letter from the German clinic confirming the procedure is possible.

She added: “My friends have been amazing – we’ve had head shaves, full body waxes, auctions and all sorts.”

However in the meantime, while she waits to raise the remaining £120,000, Yvonne said she is now back on chemotherapy for five consecutive days each month to get the lukemia back into remission.

And despite the lack of options in the UK, Yvonne said she is full of nothing but praise for the two consultants at the Alex who have been treating her.

Yvonne said the impact of the chemotherapy has had a drastic impact on her life. Long periods of isolation at Worcester Hospital meant she had to put her dogs into foster care.

“I’ve also lost a lot of hair, though it seems to be growing back now.”

Despite her condition, Yvonne, said she was determined to participate in the Para Agility World Championships in the Czech Republic last month.

Having taken part in similar competitions in the UK over the last 15 years, she returned with five medals, including two gold, one silver, and two bronze with her Australian shepherd dog Breeze – winning the world championship title overall in her category.

Breeze, who is a pat-registered dog, also spends time with people in the dementia unit at the Princess of Wales Hospital.

She said: “The journey was very long and tiring because we travelled there on a coach, but the atmosphere was amazing and to come away with a world championship title – it’s just more than I could hope for.”

She added: “I would like to get the treatment in Germany as soon as possible so I can attend the Para Agility World Championships in Austria with Breeze next year.”

Visit to help Yvonne achieve her target so she can get this life-saving treatment.