October 1st, 2016

Bromsgrove cub scouts sleep rough to raise homeless awareness and funds

Updated: 2:59 pm, Dec 29, 2015

CUB Scouts have slept rough to get an insight into the lives of the homeless to raise £460 for charity.

The 3rd Bromsgrove pack took part in the sleepover as part of their challenge badge work with community organisations and chose to support the Basement Project, in Hanover House. The scheme provides a drop in centre and help for homeless people between 16 and 25-years-old.

Alison Huxley, community officer for Asda, arranged for cardboard to be delivered for the cubs to create their shelters for the night.

hey were only allowed to take a blanket, a spare jumper and the clothes they were wearing. Pillows, sleeping bags and roll mats were forbidden.

The group was given limited funds to spend in the organisation’s café for dinner and breakfast and all managed to budget for the two meals despite goodies being on offer.

Several of youngsters claimed to have a good nights sleep in their cardboard tents despite minimal temperatures and were in good spirits come the morning.

Cub Scout Leader Michelle Bignell said: “We and they are extremely grateful for the generosity of family and friends in supporting us in our challenge. We hope these activities, whilst being fun, have given our Cubs a better understanding of what it may be like to be homeless, a mostly hidden issue in our community.”