September 29th, 2016

Brave Bromsgove boy marks final round of life-saving heart surgery

Brave Bromsgove boy marks final round of life-saving heart surgery Brave Bromsgove boy marks final round of life-saving heart surgery
Brave Fin Joyce, pictured with sister Kitty, takes on a new role on his school council to mark five years since his last life-saving heart surgery. (s)
Updated: 4:00 pm, Mar 04, 2016

A BRAVE Bromsgrove boy has marked the fifth anniversary of his final round of life-saving heart surgery by joining his school council.

Fin Joyce, a student at Lickey Hills Primary School, was elected as he celebrated five years since his last surgery at Brimingham Children’s Hospital which he has been visiting since he was just three-days-old for treatment for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The rare condition means the now eight-year-old’s left heart ventricle did not develop properly and is much smaller than it should be, therefore he had to have major open heart operations to keep him alive.

He was still only three years old when he had his last major surgery.

Mum Amy said: “It’s incredible when we see our happy and healthy eight-year-old boy when we think back to how tiny he was when he underwent his first round of open heart surgery.”

The family found out about Fin’s condition before he was born and he will need to carry on attending the hospital for procedures in the future.

“It’s difficult to express just how grateful we are to everyone at Birmingham Children’s Hospital that has helped our son from the very first day of his life. Everyone involved has been amazing.

“That includes the surgeons, consultants, nurses and all the ward staff who have not only cared for Fin but also supported our family throughout.”

Fin is now feeling top of the class and ready to take it his very important role as a year four pupil on the school council.

Dr Oliver Stumper, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, said: “Fin and his parents have shown a great deal of courage.

“His complex heart condition has required to him have three open heart operations and many other procedures.

“This hasn’t been easy at times, but it has been worth it.”