September 30th, 2016

Bogus Rubery speed signs to be taken down

Bogus Rubery speed signs to be taken down Bogus Rubery speed signs to be taken down
Coun McDonald with one of the signs. (s)
Updated: 4:54 pm, Jun 10, 2015

‘BOGUS’ 25mph speed signs which have mysteriously appeared along Cofton Church Lane and Barnt Green Road will be taken down today (Wednesday).

The problems over the illegal traffic signs were first reported by Coun Peter McDonald who claimed they were causing a major distraction to drivers because they were on a 40mph road.

Coun McDonald said everyone was clueless as to where they had come from especially since they were made out of a good material which was not cheap to buy.

In between 1 and 19 Cofton Church Lane five signs were found fixed to speed limit sign posts, lamp posts and telephone poles. They looked professionally made and had been fixed on by ratchet clips.

“Although many residents would like to speed reduced it has to be carried out in a manner which is legal and does not cause unwanted distractions to drivers, which itself could lead to accidents,” Coun McDonald said.

“It should also be noted that it is a criminal offence to place such signs on the public highway, including on roads, footpaths and verges.

“This includes staking them into the verge or attaching them to street lights, road signs, trees or any other structure on the highway.

“A recent survey has demonstrated that such road signs can be a dangerous distraction putting drivers at risk because they are puzzled by such road signs.”

Coun John Smith, who is responsible for highways at Worcestershire County Council, confirmed three illegal speed limit signs had appeared on Cofton Church Lane.

He added the council’s highways team would be removing them and reminded everyone it was a criminal offence to place unofficial signs on the public highway.

“If local residents are concerned about traffic speeds, they should report this to us rather than taking matters into their own hands,” said Coun Smith.