September 29th, 2016

Betty’s Boys smash the Screwball Rally, raising £1,463 for the Primrose in the process

TWO PETROLHEADS completed the world famous 2,000-mile Screwball Rally in their 23-year-old Rover Metro – all in the name of charity.

Nicholas Irish and Stefan Jones visited seven countries in six days and raised an impressive £1,463 for the Primrose Hospice through the challenging trip.

‘Betty’s Boys’, at 19 and 20 respectively, were the youngest drivers in the competition which took participants through France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and Italy.

It was also some accomplishment for the customised car ‘Auntie Betty’s Mettie’, as well as the lads – the red and white Rover Metro, the smallest one in the contest, had never left Worcestershire since coming off the production line in Longbridge back in 1992.

It also became popular with the other competitors – at the beginning no one thought the car would make it to the finish and at the last camp everyone was cheering the lads on with chants of ‘Metrooo, Metrooo’

The car and the pair got their names from the fact the Metro was previously owned by Nick’s Aunt Betty.

Nick said: “The amazing little car has been to the highest peak of the Alps, through the Flanders Fields in northern Belgium and glamorous Milan.”

One of the highlights of their adventure saw them take on the beautiful St Bernadino pass up the Swiss Alps.

The tiny Metro whizzed up the Alps with ease, beating the other, bigger cars.

To top it all off, they finished in the top 10 per cent of fund-raisers participating in the Screwball Challenge.

“We did it. We’re home after the best week of my life.

” And we’ve raised a ton of cash for charity.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved,” added Nick.

A Primrose spokesperson thanked the boys for all their hard work fund-raising.

“A massive congratulations on completing such an epic challenge,” she added.