October 1st, 2016

Barnt Green Road wall endangers residents

Barnt Green Road wall endangers residents Barnt Green Road wall endangers residents
Updated: 11:18 am, May 07, 2015

A WALL on Barnt Green Road has been left in a dangerous state leaving mothers and children at risk for far too long says county councillor.

Coun Peter McDonald said part of the wall had collapsed onto a busy pavement putting mothers, toddlers and children on their way to school in danger.

He added how worrying it was as the old wall reached above head height. Meaning, if it was to crumble at the wrong time it would cause considerable injury to any passing pedestrians or motorists.

“If something is not done soon the rest will shortly follow.

“It is hard to believe something so obviously dangerous could just be ignored, putting people at risk of serious injury.

“We would expect a responsible council to do everything it could not to put people at risk of injury, but the opposite is the case.

“The county council is acting in a cavalier fashion having complete disregard for the safety of its residents, leaving them at risk of serious injury.”

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of the wall along the Barnt Green Road.

“We can confirm the wall has been made safe and that future maintenance work is to be completed by our Bridge Works Team later on in the year.”