October 1st, 2016

Baby Joy for Bromsgrove’s Libby Mae’s Little Angels founders

Updated: 10:45 am, May 07, 2015

A CATSHILL couple who launched a neo-natal charity in memory of their baby daughter have welcomed a wonderful new arrival.

Charlotte and Richard Sharratt, the founders of Libby Mae’s Little Angels which has raised more than £100,000 so far for neo-natal units across the region, are proud to show off their new bundle of joy Riley Lewis.

Little Riley made a dramatic entrance three weeks early by emergency Caesarean section on November 2 weighing 8lbs 13oz.

Charlotte was in Birmingham Woman’s Hospital four weeks prior to the birth just in case of any complications. The precautions were taken after their first daughter Libby Mae passed away at two-weeks-old.

She was originally induced two days earlier on October 31 but it had not worked.

Charlotte said: “When he came out he was screaming and fine and all lovely.

“The midwife came over and told us he was fine so we both breathed a sign of relief.”

The next day a friend Alison Bedford Russell, who is a neo-natal consultant, popped in to meet Riley and see how the pair were getting along but she noticed something was wrong straight away.

Riley was breathing heavily and grunting so she took him to the neo-natal unit, where Libby Mae was treated.

Charlotte said: “It was the last place we wanted him to be – we were nervous wrecks.

“All the staff were telling us not to worry and he would be okay.”

Riley was put on antibiotics after an x-ray found he either had fluid on his lungs, something common in Caesarean section babies, or a chest infection.

He then spent five days in hospital before he was finally allowed home.

Charlotte said: “We think he just wanted to see what all the money we had raised for his sister had gone on and to worry his mum and dad a bit.

“We were so thrilled to bring him home, it was amazing.

“Richard said he had been in that hospital so many times seeing dads carrying out their new babies for the first time, in a car seat, and he had felt a little jealous because he was not able to do that with Libby but he has finally been able to do that now.

“Riley is perfect and so good and well-behaved, it is brilliant – I ordered a well-behaved baby and that is what I have got.”

Charlotte added they had put a picture of him on Facebook when he was first born and he received more than 49,000 views

“Although it was not nice at the time, it was nice to experience seeing the good of the neo-natal unit as well as the bad.

“All the staff were amazing yet again,” she added.

Riley was born by emergency Caesarean section on November 2, weighing 8lbs 13oz. Pictures by Marcus Mingins 4714023MMR3