September 29th, 2016

Aston Fields students sample tastes and cultures of the world

Aston Fields students sample tastes and cultures of the world Aston Fields students sample tastes and cultures of the world
Updated: 10:43 am, May 07, 2015

PUPILS from Aston Fields Middle School experienced food and cultures from around the world as part of an All Different: All Equal day.

The event last Wednesday (February 11) was aimed at fostering a more cohesive community where the children would appreciate, respect and celebrate the wide ranging diversity of people’s backgrounds.

It was aimed at teaching that everyone is different and it is those differences which make people unique and the country an interesting place to be.

Year five students, who looked at India, learned about traditions, constructed kites, made friendship bracelets and designed rangoli and Mehndi patterns, which they had painted on their hands. They also tasted food from the region and learned some traditional dance moves, which they performed in groups.

Year six, who studied Eastern Europe, sampled food from the region, joined in with some traditional Cossack dancing and learnt the Russian numbers to ten. They also made traditional Russian dolls and learnt some Russian songs.

Year seven, tasked with exploring the Caribbean, created art inspired by the vibrant colours of the area and learned to play the Samba drums and traditional music of Brazil with visiting musicians, Nick and Karen from Glamba. Pupils also made carnival masks, holiday brochures and took part in traditional Caribbean activities, including limbo dancing.

Year eight youngsters, who were looking into The Far East, cooked and tried some traditional Japanese food and learned how to use chopsticks. They also worked in groups to create a manga, a Japanese styled cartoon and attempted their skills at origami and Japanese writing.

Assistant head Carol Teer thanked all the staff and pupils who made it a day to remember and said: “A wonderful day was had, celebrating cultural diversity and sharing important messages common to us all.”