September 26th, 2016

Armed forces day in Bromsgrove

Armed forces day in Bromsgrove Armed forces day in Bromsgrove
Studio silhouette of a soldier saluting. The British Army's salute is given with the right hand palm facing forwards with the fingers almost touching the beret. The salute is given to acknowledge the Queen's commission. A salute may not be given unless a soldier is wearing his regimental headdress, for example a Beret, Caubeen, Tam o' Shanter, Glengarry, field service cap or peaked cap. If a soldier or officer is not wearing headdress then he or she must come to attention instead of giving/returning the salute. The subordinate salutes first and maintains the salute until the superior has responded in kind.
Updated: 11:48 am, Jun 16, 2016

RESIDENTS are invited to a special ceremony in Bromsgrove on Monday (June 20) where the town will ‘Fly the Flag’ for Armed Forces Day

The event will be held at 10.30am at the war monument on Crown Green, near to Amphlett Hall.

The flag will fly for the whole week, marking the eighth Armed Forces Day next Saturday (June 25).

Armed Forces Day recognises the servicemen and women, past and present, who have and continue to rise to the difficult challenge of maintaining the defence of the realm.