September 29th, 2016

American Civil War comes to Avoncroft

American Civil War comes to Avoncroft American Civil War comes to Avoncroft
Updated: 10:47 am, May 07, 2015

RESIDENTS wanting to find out more about the American Civil War can go along to Avoncroft Museum tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday (September 21).

The UK’s largest American Civil War re-enactment groups will be taking up residence at the venue and recreating scenes from one of the most turbulent periods of US history.

There will be 40 members of the American Civil War Society in the living history camps of the Union and Confederate armies.

Visitors will be able to chat to soldiers and camp followers as they go about their daily lives and there will be two occasions on each day where the bitter rivals will do battle to fight to resolve the issues that divided them – the preservation of the Union, or the continuation of the traditional Southern way of life.

Their impressive displays will feature infantry and artillery and include two cannons.

Younger visitors can learn simple arms and marching drill swith the Confederate army or act as a Union runner delivering messages to and from officers in the Federal camp.

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