September 24th, 2016

Amercan food challenge star jets in to take on Big Dave’s Breakfast

Updated: 10:47 am, May 07, 2015

THE AMERICAN behind the most famous and popular food challenges website came to Bromsgrove yesterday (Friday) to take on Big Dave’s Breakfast.

And Randy Santel, who runs, polished off the monster sandwich in just 22 minutes and 29 seconds.

That time is almost six minutes quicker than Bromsgrovian Emma Dalton – the only other person to complete it.

A lot of people go to Randy for tips and advice about food challenge and he knows Emma through that.

“Unfortunately she could not be here today because she was working but she texted me at the end of the challenge to see how it went,” he said.

The sandwich, created by Dave Blackburn, uses a whole loaf of bread to house its contents – five rashers of bacon, five sausages, four eggs, four pieces of black pudding, haggis or hash browns, along with double beans, double tomatoes and double mushrooms.

Randy has been eating his way around the world and is the person who has done challenges in the most countries.

He arrived in the UK on December 28 and has done 28 challenges since landing. He had already travelled through Northern Ireland and Scotland before moving onto England.

He said a lot of the challenges centred around giant burgers and hot dogs so he chose Big Dave’s Breakfast Challenge because it had a uniqueness about it.

“I have never had a big breakfast sandwich before – it was really good – well thought out and well put together.

“There was a lot of bread – it was good bread, but there was loads of it.”

He added what he liked about it was the different layers which helped maintain the interest.

“One minute I’d be eating sausages, then black pudding, then haggis.

“All of my followers who watch my videos will also love this one because it is different – they love the unique challenges.”

Dave said: “It was unbelievable – he’s another machine.

“I was very excited when he said he was coming over and couldn’t wait to see him try it.

“Having seen his other videos, I knew he would do it. “

He said Randy’s technique was different to Emma’s.

“She cut hers into different sandwiches, but he just went straight through it.

“He reminded me of one of those hungry cartoon characters munching their way through a corn on the cob.”

As well as completing the challenges, Randy said he had also enjoyed trying different foods and learning about the different customs.

At Big Dave’s he tried haggis for the first time – fittingly two days before Burns’ Night.

“Once you get past what it is made of, it’s really nice,” he said.

And he added he had never had baked beans with a breakfast before.

“We don’t really do that in The States but when I get back I will be serving beans with breakfast to my friends and they’ll be saying ‘what the hell is this?’.

“I’m definitely going to take quite a few things back with me,” he added.

Randy flies back to America on February 10 when, he said, he would be living off vegetables for a couple of months to lose all the wait he had gained on his transatlantic trip.

Visit for more on Randy and food challenges, including a database of all the different ones from around the world.

Randy weighs up Big Dave’s breakfast challenge. 0515001ABR1

Randy gets to grips with the sandwich. 0515001ABR4

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