September 26th, 2016

Alvechurch resident is calling out to fellow UFO spotters

Alvechurch resident is calling out to fellow UFO spotters Alvechurch resident is calling out to fellow UFO spotters
Have you had an ‘out of this world’ experience? Picture courtesy of Steven Franklin.
Updated: 3:21 pm, Apr 01, 2016

AN ALVECHURCH resident is urging fellow UFO spotters to contact him and share their out of this world experiences.

Last month The Standard reported how UFO hunter John Hanson was appealing for information to corroborate a report of an oval shape, with a dome covered in square panels, in the sky on or around February 7.

John added the strange object was seen hovering a few feet away from an electrical sub station off Tanyard Close in the village.

He added the facility had its gate and cladding replaced a few days later.

And since the plea for further details, John has been contacted with a further two unexplained sightings.

On February 22 a Headless Cross resident reported she heard a grinding noise at around 11pm.

Curious, she opened the back door and looked outside to see a dome-shaped object moving across from the direction of the Water Tower heading towards the Walkwood school area.

“It had white lights and was moving slowly through the sky at about the same height of a helicopter,” John added.

A similar – if not the same – object was seen near the M42, hovering over the area under which was a sub-electric power station.

Another hotspot over the weekend was Gorcott Hill when a motorist spotted a cylindrical object passing through the sky at around 11am on Sunday (March 13).

John admits to having once been a UFO sceptic until an incident in Stirchley 1995 which led to reports of a UFO hovering over a copse of trees.

“At first I regarded it as a joke but it triggered my curiosity. I did some research and found I hadn’t realised how many sightings there had been, so I set out to catalogue them and find the people who had seen them,” said John.

The result was 11 volumes of ‘Haunted Skies’ written by John and his partner Dawn Hollway, which is available through Amazon and which details UFO sightings across the globe.

“I keep an open mind, it’s something that fascinates me, there is something up there but what it is I do not know.

“It’s something that happens and it continues to happen – it’s pretty interesting,” said John.

If you can help John in his search call him on 0121 445 0340 or visit