September 28th, 2016

Alvechurch man finds his feet after £1000 grant

Alvechurch man finds his feet after £1000 grant Alvechurch man finds his feet after £1000 grant
Updated: 4:52 pm, Aug 04, 2016

AN ALVECHURCH man has been the gift of being able to stand for the first time in years after he received a £1,000 grant.

David cook suffers with cerebral palsy which has had dramatic effects on his health but thank to Barchester’s Charitable Foundation he can now get out of his chair with the help of the new standing frame.

The 28-year-old’s family spent six months trying to raise the fund for the Quest 88 frame but it was the donation from the BCF which made the dream possible.

David now uses the frame regularly to regain the muscle in his legs which he had not used for many years. He started with short bursts but can now stand for over half an hour which is making life easier for him to continue live independently with support of live-in carers.

He hopes to be able to stand for a full hour by the end of this month.

David’s father Oliver Cook said: “Although David has only been using the frame regularly for about a month, it has become an essential part of his routine and he would be lost without it. His doctor is very pleased with his progress and is considering reducing some of his medication in the near future.

“I would once again like to thank Barchester’s Charitable Foundation for their generous contribution.”